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Basic rules for London Massage

London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities of the world, and this is why people living there know what to expect from life. When it comes to relaxation, the London Massage saloons have a great offer. On the other hand, the large number of saloons that opened during the latest period affected the quality of services that clients receive. Here are the basic rules of massage that must be followed by any London escort masseuse.

Compressing is one of the simplest and most effective rules of massaging. It is good for the firm areas, such as the back and thighs. The movements must be of squeezing-rotating.

Light kicking

This is another technique that works for the tensed areas of the body. However, some clients might feel some pains, so the masseuse should “experiment” a while. A good masseuse will combine kicking with long and gentle moves. When massaging the chest around the heart, the masseuse can apply a bigger pressure.Body to body massage London.


Rubbing is good for the “consistent” areas of the body, such as the biceps, thighs and buttocks. It is simple, as we are talking about squeezing, but the majority of masseuses have to train their hands for this. Rubbing can be made with oil or without it, but without oil, the pressure will be firmer. A good masseuse will try rubbing without oil, and if the client complains, she might try with oil.

Combining moves

It is possible to combine several moves, or to use it once at a time, considering the needs of the client. The masseuse should try to understand the reactions of the client, and to determine if what she is doing is correct.

Massage in London

Rub the shoulders. Put some oil drops and kick the back with gentle moves. For buttocks and thighs, squeezing is the best idea. The legs are somewhat neglected by masseuses, as this is considered only as a complementary massage, and many of them don’t even know how to do it right. However, the legs of clients are mostly exposed to tiredness, and this is why a good masseuse should know how to do it properly. The most important part of legs massage is relaxing the feet, of course. A good feet massage might be the best part of it.

The experimented masseuses usually have a special move, something like their “signature”. This way, they are able to convince the clients to come again. Touching is more important than technique, and the clients will come more often to a masseuse that they like, instead of seeing one that has skills, but which is not funny.

Talking is another important aspect. Massaging is about relaxation, so talking with the clients is one of the most important attributes for some. Massage means to be present emotionally, and if the clients can’t feel the masseuse “there”, they will probably try other options in the future. The perfect massage in London is the one that convinces the client to ask for more, but the masseuses that are able to obtain this effect are rare, unless you call the services of the professional London Massage specialists.Hire happy ending massage

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